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Pool hashrate
Found blocks
DateHeightProof hashStatusAmount(NXS)
01/27/2021 21:23:31366644689/5002.8397
01/27/2021 19:30:533666310227/5002.8399
01/27/2021 18:28:103666233304/5002.84
01/27/2021 18:09:253666214323/5002.84
01/27/2021 18:00:323666206329/5002.84
01/27/2021 17:37:203666180357/5002.84
01/27/2021 14:46:193665979MATURE2.8404
01/27/2021 14:32:183665964MATURE2.8404
01/27/2021 14:28:333665962MATURE2.8404
01/27/2021 14:23:073665957MATURE2.8404
01/27/2021 14:14:153665949MATURE21.3644
01/27/2021 11:39:373665793MATURE2.8407
01/27/2021 10:57:343665736MATURE2.8407
01/27/2021 09:12:193665602MATURE2.8409
01/27/2021 05:24:483665336MATURE2.8413
01/27/2021 03:53:233665243MATURE2.8415
01/27/2021 03:26:503665214MATURE2.8415
01/27/2021 02:48:043665170MATURE21.3698
01/26/2021 23:36:073664945MATURE2.8419
01/26/2021 22:36:123664887MATURE2.842
01/26/2021 21:26:243664813MATURE2.8422
01/26/2021 18:46:023664631MATURE2.8424
01/26/2021 18:12:303664601MATURE2.8425
01/26/2021 18:06:473664594MATURE2.8425
01/26/2021 17:32:493664551MATURE2.8426
01/26/2021 14:42:103664344MATURE2.8429
01/26/2021 09:42:033664002MATURE2.8434
01/26/2021 09:25:323663982MATURE2.8434
01/26/2021 08:27:023663904MATURE2.8435
01/26/2021 08:02:003663878MATURE2.8436
Pool statistics
Last found block3666446
Time since block83m
Blocks last 24 hours19
Orphans last 24 hours0
Blocks last week115
Current network hashrate787 270,77 Mh/s
Current pool hashrate34 441,06 Mh/s
Average 24h pool hashrate34 699,09 Mh/s
Node version5.0.2 Tritium CLI [LLD][x64]
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Pool info
  • This pool is designed for Nexus hash(also known as GPU) channel
  • Pool is using RBPPS reward system. Every share is paid! Pool is running at 1% fee
  • Pool is currently in tritium-beta stage. Do not expect it to be perfect during this period.
  • Any feedback is appreciated. If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on slack @a.kubrakov
Getting started

You can use wallet_address OR wallet_address.worker_name as username. You can mine directly to an exchange.

Note! Only LEGACY addresses are supported for now

EU pool server

US pool server

@nobody's nvidia miner v1.1 can be downloaded here. Source code of this miner can be downloaded here
Usage example:
skminer IP PORT NXS_Address[.WORKER_NAME](do NOT use brackets)
Please refer to README.txt for details such as intensity to use(updated in v1.1)
Important! If you encounter infinite "timeout loop" please consider updating nvidia drivers

Alpha AMD miner(enhanced by @nobody) can be downloaded here
For usage example refer to resources/config/miner.conf
Important! Use miner.conf file with empty command line!

Botnets will be banned, account payouts disabled, full cooperation with law enforcement will be provided.